How To Calculate The Cnc Machining Cost

How To Calculate The Cnc Machining Cost

How To Calculate The Cnc Machining CostHow To Calculate The Cnc Machining Cost

In the field of CNC machining industry, cost evaluation is an essential process. Many companies have not done so well in this regard. Dongguan PTJ Shop has more than 10 years of development history in the CNC machining industry. It has been exploring, innovating, and doing its best to bring customers efficient and high-quality services and products.

The company independently explored and developed a comprehensive quotation system, to a large extent, alleviated the problems with customers in terms of quotation, and timely reported the customer’s requirements in accordance with reasonable and practicable procedures to the customer with a reasonable The price greatly shortens the delay time in the quotation process. The aspects and details involved in CNC machining are extensive. Our company mainly focuses on CNC prototype models, batch machining of CNC plastic parts, and batch machining of CNC hardware with absolute advantages. When it comes to the focus of quotation evaluation, we will give customers a satisfactory and reasonable quotation based on specific requirements and the prevailing market conditions.

The influencing factors of machining costs are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Accuracy and surface roughness of the machined parts: If a tolerance of 0.001mm is required, both the machining equipment and the technical master will have higher requirements, and the cost will be relatively higher;
  2. Structure and size of the cnc machining parts: If the product structure is complicated, the machining cost will be much higher; if the overall size of the product is large or the appearance is a curved shape, the machining cost will also increase a lot.
  3. If the material of the part to be processed is difficult to process, such as stainless steel, the material is hard and requires a tungsten steel hardened tool, and the computer gong needs to be made with a Taiwan or Japanese machine, although the cost will be higher than using ordinary materials .

In fact, the customer’s acceptance of the price is still relatively strong, and really care about product quality, delivery and service! To this end, Dongguan PTJ Shop combines customer requirements to ensure product quality, and at the same time provides customers with some highly technical product recommendations, which greatly reduces customer costs, and also provides customers with a satisfactory answer at the technical level. .