How to choose a vertical machining center with high working efficiency

CNC machining center: It is well known that the efficiency of vertical machining centers is high, so when you choose to buy a vertical machining center, you are committed to selecting a vertical machining center with high efficiency. But how to quickly select a vertical machining center with high working efficiency is a problem that needs everyone’s attention.

1. CNC system

The CNC control system is an important part of the high-speed machining center, which largely determines the speed, accuracy and surface quality of the machine tool processing

2. Lubrication system

Good lubrication is a necessary condition to ensure the smooth movement of Lijia machinery. The vertical machining center adopts a volumetric forced lubrication system, which ensures that the guide rail, ball screw, bearing seat and nut seat of the screw are fully lubricated.

3. Electrical system

The matching between electrical components is critical, and the degree of coordination and adaptability of the electrical performance determine the stability of the electrical system.

4. Spindle

The spindle is a key functional part of Lijia. According to the transmission structure, it is generally divided into a gear transmission spindle, a synchronous belt transmission spindle, a direct coupling spindle, and an electric spindle. The gear drive spindle can automatically switch between high and low gears according to the rotation speed, thus achieving high rigidity, suitable for heavy cutting occasions. The rotating spindle of the synchronous belt has a simple structure and strong buffering capacity, and the overload sliding protection can effectively protect the spindle.

The direct-coupled spindle is a servo motor that directly drives the spindle through a coupling, with large torque and low energy consumption.

5. Lathe

The conventional vertical column is a fixed-column structure, that is, the vertical column is fixed, and the X-axis and Y-axis movement of the worktable, plus the Z-axis movement of the main shaft on the vertical column constitute all the movements. The body of the vertical machining center is stable with an oversized base, and the large-span herringbone column has high rigidity. It does not vibrate or deform during high-speed cutting. The machine occupies a small area, so as to save space in the factory area. The pitch of the ball screw directly determines the feed rate of the machine tool. Large pitch corresponds to high speed. Adopt large diameter C3 grade screw rod, with pre-tension structure, eliminate part of the thermal extension, good rigidity.

6. Tool magazine

The common tools of the Lijia tool magazine are the bucket-shaped tool magazine and the robotic tool magazine. The tool change time of the hat-shaped tool magazine is more than 8 seconds, and the tool-changing time of the robot tool magazine is more than 4 seconds. The tool change in the Lijia center takes only 2 seconds, and the efficiency is extremely high.

The vertical machining center will greatly reduce the processing time and simplify the production process, which will significantly shorten the manufacturing cycle and reduce the production cost. Therefore, it is particularly important to consider this aspect when purchasing machine tool equipment.

The vertical machining center has high service life and good accuracy. A good lubrication system ensures the life of the vertical machining center. The guide rails, feed screw and spindle components all use new wear-resistant materials, so that the machining center can maintain good accuracy during long-term use.