How to choose the right CNC drilling machine

CNC drilling machine is an important equipment for processing workpieces, and the price of this equipment is very high, so it is necessary to be cautious in choosing, and choose a reputable CNC drilling machine suitable for my consumption. The choice of CNC drilling machine not only has a great impact on consumption volatility, but also has a serious effect on improving processing efficiency. So how to choose, the following will introduce in detail how to choose the appropriate CNC drilling machine?

1. Choose the volatility and high rigidity of the drilling machine operation table

In order to ensure the fluctuation and rigidity of the drilling machine, the CNC drilling machine selects raw materials to ensure the high precision of the CNC drilling machine during the processing process, and eliminates distortion and deformation. Rotating shaft speed and volatility There are generally two kinds of rotating shafts used today. Generally speaking, some rolling bearings are used because of their strong longitudinal load. Of course, some drill bits of CNC drilling machines are also subject to demand investigation. Some drill bits require a long time to be changed and are not conducive to maintenance. Many drill bits become consumables and will lose a lot of money.

2. Choose the standard three-dimensional coordinate system products

The feed efficiency of the calibrated screw stepper motor in the three-dimensional coordinate system is high, but the new products have also used servo motors. The drilling machine with high feed efficiency can reach a higher rate. The material of the processing materials generally does not affect the efficiency of consumption, and has little effect on the efficiency of working. The moving speed of the working table of the CNC drilling machine and the movement efficiency of the table surface were previously determined by the material of the guide rail. Generally, the air float is used as the processing material of the working table. The moving of the air floating working table is more convenient and sensitive.

All in all, to choose a suitable CNC drilling machine, on the one hand, it is necessary to choose the volatility and rigidity of the drilling machine operation table, and on the other hand, to choose the standard three-dimensional coordinate system products. In the production of CNC drilling machines, in the high-speed cutting of aluminum and silicon-aluminum alloys, diamond tools are a secondary cutting tool type that is difficult to replace. Diamond tools that can be completed, have high volatility, and have short-lived processing are important tools that were indispensable in ancient CNC machining.