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How to configure the tools and accessories of CNC machining center

How To Configure The Tools And Accessories Of CNC Machining CenterHow To Configure The Tools And Accessories Of CNC Machining Center

Today, many companies repurchase new machines due to business and job requirements. Such as: cnc machining center, CNC high-speed machining center, carving machine. So while buying such machinery and equipment, what tools and accessories must be purchased to use them in order to be methodical at work! Which tools and accessories have better overall cost performance?

1. List of tools and accessories

1: The CNC machine tool accessories are equipped with: 1 universal knife grinder, 2 BT powerful cutter heads, 1 lock table seat, 1 lock knife wrench and 1 lock workpiece wrench, 1 set of ER extension rod, 1 set of ER straight cylinder elasticity 2 collets, 1 tool set, 1 vice, 1 spindle cleaning rod, 2 eccentric split rods, 2 universal fixtures (screws, nuts), 1 dial indicator, workpiece fixture 2-3 pieces of boards (can be processed by yourself), etc. These specific models and specifications are different.

2: CNC tool configuration: one tool cabinet, tungsten steel milling cutter flat knife and ball cutter (R knife), various specifications are prepared between 5-10 pieces, flying cutter rods are prepared with various specifications, 2-3 pieces, knife grain 5-10 boxes for each model.

2. Principles and main points of matching tools, accessories and knives:

1: When you buy tool accessories, you should fully understand the company’s machine tool category, the specifications and models of various accessories, the brand the company requires to buy, and find a powerful tool and accessories company for consultation. It is best to have a professional CNC technical engineer based on The company’s requirements for the configuration plan are both trouble-free and satisfactory. There are several brands of tools and accessories in this line, such as: Japanese, Taiwanese, European and American, domestic, and price and quality.

2: Tool purchase should be in advance to locate the company’s machining requirements and quality, processing materials, etc., is to choose Japan, Taiwan, Europe and the United States, domestic. At the same time, buyers should not compare prices repeatedly without comprehensive cost performance. Tungsten steel milling cutters are common and common. It is difficult to purchase this project and it is complicated. You should choose some companies that have their own production workshops, technical engineers with knives and some technical support to cooperate, so as to ensure the delivery, quality, and technical parameters. The company’s production quality.

3: Some of the above brands with accessories and knives are: South Korea Hansong tools, Japan (MITSUISHI Mitsubishi, HITACHI Hitachi tools, SUMITOMO Sumitomo, DIJET Daijie, BIG Jokhao, STK, OSG, NT precision tool heads, etc.) Taiwan: (PARFAITE Puhui, SYIC Zhengheyuan, AKENJYC, Arcan Precision CNC milling cutter bar, milling cutter head, AWACROW precision precision head, boring device, E-CHENSUNROXM Yiquan CNC lathe tool bar, DHF tungsten steel Milling cutter, HKF, Siemens Decker, STS, TTK, etc.). Europe, America and others (U.S. Kenner, Korea AHK cutter head, Korea M & T, Israel VARGUS, Germany HAIMER, etc.)