How to connect the horizontal machining center with the computer

The CNC system of horizontal machining center is often equipped with RS-232, CF card, DNC, Ethernet and USB interface functions. How to connect the machining center to the computer depends on your CNC system and the installed interface! If your program memory is large, it is recommended to use DNC online transmission, which is generally used in the mold industry; if your program is small, CF card is faster, convenient and practical, and is mostly used for product CNC processing.

FANUC system machining center parameter setting: insert the CF card into the CF card slot on the left side of the screen (each machine position is different), the program protection key switch is turned to “OFF”, press the [OFFSET SETTING] button, and then press the screen soft Press [SETTING], select the mode to MDI mode, and set the I / O channel to “4”. 4

The machining program CF card is transferred to NC: “EDITMODE” editing mode, press “PROG”, select the right soft arrow at the bottom of the screen, select “CARD”, then you can see the files in the CF card, press the soft key at the bottom of the screen “Operation”, press the software “FREAD” at the bottom of the screen, enter the program number (file number) to be transferred, then press the soft key “Set” at the bottom of the screen to enter the program number, and then press the soft key “EXEC” at the bottom of the screen “, The program is imported. These operations are most common to the FANUC system. For details, you can refer to the operating instructions of your machine tool. The CF card is actually better than the transmission line in a sense. The program is passed through and the data is compared. stable.