How To Maintain Common Parts Of Vertical Machining Center

  • 1. The servo motor and spindle motor of the vertical machining center focus on checking noise and temperature rise.
  • 2. The control part of the CNC system of the vertical machining center. The control system includes the CNC unit, power module, I / O interface, servo amplifier, spindle amplifier, operation panel, display, etc.
  •  3. The electrical control part of the vertical machining center often checks whether the external three-phase power supply voltage connected to the machine tool is normal; check whether the electrical components are well connected.
  • 4. The measurement feedback components of the vertical machining center. The measurement feedback components include encoders and grating scales. Always check whether the connection of each component is loose, whether it is contaminated by oil or dust. Dust and fine iron dust may damage this. Category components.

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