How to maintain the common components of vertical machining center?

1. Measurement feedback element of vertical machining center

Measurement feedback components include encoders, grating rulers, etc. Always check whether the connection of each component is loose, whether it is contaminated by oil or dust, and dust and fine iron dust may damage such components

2. Servo motor and spindle motor of vertical machining center

The servo motor and control system are the key parts of the power source and precision control of the vertical machining center, focusing on checking noise and temperature rise.

If the noise or temperature rise is too large, you should find out whether it is a mechanical problem such as bearings or the parameter setting of the matching amplifier, and take corresponding measures to solve it. If the servo shaft has abnormal sound during movement, it may be due to mechanical noise caused by the screw, the coupling, and the concentricity of the servo motor.

You can disconnect the vertical machining center motor from the coupling and run the motor separately. If the motor is still noisy, adjust the speed loop gain and position loop gain appropriately to make the motor silent. If there is no noise, it is judged that the screw and the coupling are concentric. Recalibrate the concentricity and connect it to the motor.