How to maintain the machining center

The average price of domestic small and medium-sized processing centers is about two to three hundred thousand yuan, / (the detailed price needs to be determined according to the level of equipment configuration). The service life of general machining centers is more than 8-10 years. But not all users’ devices can be used for so long. Not entirely a product quality issue, there is also a very critical factor is the maintenance and maintenance of equipment at ordinary times. Many operators only pay attention to the efficiency in front of them, but forget to clean and maintain the equipment after work. Therefore, regular equipment inspection is a must.

Compared with traditional machine tools, machining centers are fundamentally different in structure and control, but maintenance and maintenance are similar to traditional machine tools. Due to various reasons, most users often lack normal maintenance of the machine tool, and the work caused by the disease causes a large economic loss. According to the service experience of our company’s maintenance staff working on site, more than 60% of machine tool problems are due to the lack of better maintenance, resulting in failures. In response to such problems, we specially provide maintenance services for machine tools, and do careful maintenance of machine tools. The hidden troubles are diagnosed and eliminated in advance, so that the machine tools can always maintain a good working state.

Briefly introduce the daily maintenance and maintenance of the machining center

Maintain the machine tool from three aspects: mechanical part, oil part and electric part.

Maintenance of mechanical parts

  • / (1 /) Many users have lost the accuracy of the machine tool after installation of the machine tool due to reasons such as foundation and operation errors. The first thing we need to do is to strictly follow the maintenance manual of the machining center and follow the operation rules of the machining center to check and adjust the level of the machine tool. Because the level is the foundation of the precision of the machine tool, and it is also the basis for adjusting other indicators of the machine tool.
  • / (2 /) Adjust the clearance of the shaft iron of the machine tool to ensure that it is the clearance required by the machining center. Be careful not to rush to adjust the iron plug unless the level is adjusted. The gap between the table and the saddle is 0.012mm, the column direction is 0.008 ~ 0.01mm, the bed saddle and the column bar plug is 0.015mm, and the inspection is repeated until the gap value is stable. The purpose is to prevent uneven friction of the iron plug, reduce thermal deformation of the machine tool, and ensure the positioning accuracy of the machine tool.
  • / (3 /) Check the wear and clearance of the shaft motor and the screw, and check whether the supporting bearings at both ends of the shaft are damaged. When the coupling or bearing is damaged, it will increase the noise of the machine tool operation, affect the transmission accuracy of the machine tool, damage the screw cooling seal ring, cause cutting fluid leakage, and seriously affect the life of the screw and spindle.
  • / (4 /) Adjust the geometric accuracy of the machine tool to restore or meet the requirements of the machine tool. Because geometric accuracy is the basis of the comprehensive performance of the machine tool. For example, poor XZ and YZ perpendicularity will affect the coaxiality and symmetry of the processed workpiece, and poor perpendicularity of the spindle to the table will affect the parallelism of the processed workpiece and so on. Therefore, the restoration of geometric accuracy is also the focus of our maintenance.
  • / (5 /) Check the protective cover of each axis and replace it if necessary. A bad protective cover will directly accelerate the wear of the guide rail. If there is a big change
  • Shape will not only increase the load of the machine tool, but also cause greater damage to the guide rail.
  • / (6 /) The straightening of the screw leads to deformation of the screw caused by some users after the collision of the machine tool or the gap of the iron plug is not good, which directly affects the machining accuracy of the machine tool. We first loosen the screw to make it in a natural state, and then install the screw in accordance with the maintenance regulations to ensure that the screw is not subject to tangential forces in motion as much as possible, so that the screw is also in a natural state during processing.
  • / (7 /) Check and adjust the belt drive system of the machine tool spindle, properly adjust the tightness of the V belt to prevent the machine tool from slipping or losing rotation, replace the spindle V belt if necessary, and check the high and low gears of the spindle The amount of oil in the cylinder of the converted pulley. If necessary, it will be added. The lack of oil will cause the failure of high and low gear conversion, which will seriously affect the surface roughness during milling and reduce the cutting torque.
  • / (8 /) Cleaning and adjustment of the tool magazine. Adjust the rotation of the tool magazine so that it is parallel to the table surface, replace the circlip if necessary, adjust the angle of the spindle orientation bridge and the rotation coefficient of the tool magazine, and add lubricating grease to each moving part.
  • / (9 /) Maintenance of pneumatic system, clean impurities and moisture in compressed gas, check the oil quantity in the oil mist separator, check whether the operation of each solenoid valve is normal, check the tightness in the pneumatic system, because the air circuit The quality of the system directly affects the tool change and lubrication system.