How To Solve The Faults Of CNC Machining Center?

CNC machining center is an automatic machine tool product composed of mechanical equipment and numerical control system. It will encounter some problems in daily use, which we should pay attention to during the operation of the machining center, and also need to pay attention to the operation procedures, not blind operation.

CNC machining center encoder pulse count error alarm problem

This kind of problem is usually displayed on the LED display. The PMM screen in the system screen displays 303/304/305/308 alarm. The main cause of the failure is that the serial encoder of the servo motor does not calculate the number or the pulse is lost during operation. If this kind of phenomenon needs to be turned on after shutdown, the alarm will often disappear.

If there is still an alarm, the motor or feedback cable should be replaced immediately, but if the alarm sound disappears, it needs to be returned to the reference point for the CNC machining center before running Debug with other commands.

CNC machining center serial center serial encoder communication error alarm