Inclined bed CNC lathe is fully integrated with the international

With the continuous development of machine tools, slant bed CNC lathes have developed rapidly in recent years. The slant bed CNC lathe is a high-precision, high-performance machine tool, and it is also an economical and practical processing machine tool. , The product structure is mature, the performance and quality are stable and reliable, it combines the characteristics of versatility and special-purpose lathes, and adopts the linear linear guide of the inclined bed; It is a CNC machine tool with the largest usage and the widest coverage in China. It is widely used in mechanical processing in various industries such as automobile, petroleum, military and other industries, and has broad development prospects in the market.
China’s inclined bed CNC lathes have entered the market since the early 1970s. So far, through the unremitting efforts of major machine tool manufacturers, through measures such as cooperation with foreign well-known machine tool manufacturers, joint ventures, technology introduction, prototype digestion and absorption, etc. The manufacturing level of CNC lathes has been greatly improved, and its output accounts for a large proportion of metal cutting machine tools. At present, the varieties and specifications of domestic CNC lathes are relatively complete, and the quality is basically stable and reliable. It has entered the stage of practical and comprehensive development.
At present, China’s economy is in full integration with the world, and has entered a new period of vigorous development. Inclined bed CNC lathe manufacturing industry is not only facing a good opportunity for the development of manufacturing equipment caused by the increase in the demand for machinery manufacturing, but also encountered the pressure of fierce international market competition after joining the World Trade Organization, accelerating the development of inclined bed CNC lathes It is a key to solving the sustainable development of the machine tool manufacturing industry. With the large demand of the manufacturing industry for CNC lathes with inclined bed and the rapid progress of computer technology and modern design technology, the application range of CNC lathes with inclined bed is still expanding and developing to better meet the needs of production and processing.