Information that CNC lathe maintenance personnel need to see

Documents to be prepared for CNC lathe

1. See more NC data

To understand the characteristics and functions of various CNC lathe CNC systems and PLC programmable controllers; to understand the alarm and elimination methods of CNC systems; to understand the meaning of NC and PLC machine tool parameter settings; to understand the PLC programming language; to Understand the method of numerical control programming; understand the operation of the control panel and the contents of each menu; understand the performance of the spindle and the cutter motor and the characteristics of the driver, etc. The main point is to highlight the key points and understand the ins and outs. The key point is to understand the basic composition and structure of the CNC system and master the block diagram. The rest can be “toured” and read through, but each part of the content must be understood and mastered. Because the internal circuit diagram of the CNC system is quite complicated, it is not provided by the manufacturer. So there is no need to figure it out in detail. For example, the A-B10 system is used on the four-axis five-linked blade processing machine. It is important to understand the role of each part, the function of each board, the direction of the interface, and the meaning of the LED lights. Nowadays, there are many models of CNC systems and they are updated quickly. Different manufacturers and models often vary greatly. To understand its commonality and personality (particularity). Generally people who are familiar with repairing SIEMENS CNC system may not be proficient in troubleshooting the A-B system. Therefore, it is necessary to read more and keep learning and updating knowledge.

2. Read more electrical diagrams

For each electrical component of the CNC lathe, such as: contactors, relays, time relays, etc., and the input and output of the PLC, you must mark them on the electrical diagram. To give a simple example, for example, 1A1 is the contactor started by the hydraulic pump motor 1M. Generally, the direction of its normally open and normally closed contacts is noted below the figure. Therefore, the normally open or normally closed contact 1A1 on a corresponding page can be marked with the content of the hydraulic pump motor on. For large CNC machine tools, the electrical diagram has dozens or even hundreds of pages. To understand, it means that the function of each element will take a long time. Sometimes, after one or two readings, you may not be able to figure out the role of the component, and you should read it later after digesting it. Therefore, the hydraulic pump motor 1M just mentioned should also clearly indicate which external output of the PLC is driving the contactor 1A1. It needs to be clear and clear. Some block diagrams in the electrical circuit diagram, such as the drive of each axis, are just a block diagram. As long as you understand a certain control condition (on and off conditions), you can wait for the detailed things to study and consider again. The electrical symbols in different countries are different, so we must first understand clearly. For the thick PLC statement tables written by the manufacturer, you should also read more, master the programming language, and perform Chinese annotations on the basis of understanding. This can greatly save the time for troubleshooting in the future. If you need to familiarize yourself with the electrical diagram and PLC statement list after the failure occurs, it will take a lot of time and often lead to wrong judgments.

3. See more hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams

For the mechanical milling machine, sand making machine, hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams of CNC machine tools, it is necessary to understand their function and ins and outs. And note on the drawings one by one, such as CNC gantry milling accessories, tool installation action is more complicated, you must disassemble the diagram, such as which solenoid valve is used to lock the tool? What are the corresponding PLC output and input? It is stated on the picture that this way from electric to mechanical action, at the same time, especially for the parts with a close relationship between machine and electricity, it is important to understand, for example, CNC milling machine uses electro-hydraulic proportional valve technology, and it is important to understand its role and function, especially To understand the adjustment method and adjustment data, the proportional valve current and the corresponding pressure of the balance pump in static and dynamic, both understand electricity and machine, electromechanical integration, master a variety of skills, so it is much easier to solve the problem.

4. Read more foreign languages ​​and improve your reading ability in professional foreign languages

Can’t understand foreign languages, especially English. It is impossible to understand a large number of technical materials in foreign languages, and relying on translation alone is often not ideal. Looking at the technical information in the foreign language version, it was difficult at the beginning, with many new words, and after reading and remembering, there were only so many commonly used professional words, and it will look smooth in the future. A competent CNC lathe maintenance person should basically master language tools.