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Introduction of CNC machining center system

Introduction of CNC machining center systemIntroduction of CNC machining center system

The core of the advanced manufacturing system is the numerical control, flexibility and precision of the production and processing equipment. The soil should be divided into two categories, the flexible manufacturing system and the computer integrated manufacturing system, as follows

   1. Flexible Manufacturing System

The flexible manufacturing system can be divided into the following three categories according to the degree of automation and function

  • (1 /) Single-machine CNC machining: It is a CNC machine tool or machining center for processing mechanical parts.
  •  (2 /) Flexible processing unit / (HexiNe hchMng Cell /): It is a kind of automatic processing of different parts in the same part family when the participation is minimized / (including workpieces, tools, scraps) Waiting inside the unit for transportation and exchange /) the smallest processing unit.
  • (3 /) Flexible manufacturing system: It is a processing system / (including a group of CNC machine tools and other automated process equipment / (such as cleaning machine, finished product testing machine, paint spraying machine, etc./), automatic material storage and transportation system and information The three of the control systems are combined to produce a manufacturing system that is centrally managed by the computer for automatic operation.

 2 . Computer integrated manufacturing system

The composition of the computer integrated manufacturing system can be divided into four parts: design process, manufacturing process, computer-aided production management, integrated methods and technologies.