Main points of maintenance of horizontal machining center

The horizontal machining center plays a very important role in our actual application. In our application of horizontal machining centers, how to carry out new maintenance in horizontal machining? Xiaobian leads you to understand the lower horizontal machining center What are the main points of maintenance.

  •    1. First of all, it is the quality problem of the spindle motor of the horizontal machining center. The spindle motors produced by small manufacturers are not guaranteed and may be damaged at any time. This is unpredictable, so it is best to choose a famous brand for the spindle motor.
  •    2. The version of the operating system used by the horizontal machining center is too low or the system used is not perfect, which causes the engraving to be performed before the rotation speed has reached the requirements, resulting in excessive engraving resistance and damage to the engraving machine.
  •    3. The cooling system of the horizontal machining center has problems, which causes the spindle motor to overheat, aggravate the wear of the bearings, and cause physical damage to the spindle motor. Therefore, be sure to ensure that the cooling system is working properly before use.
  •    4. The horizontal machining center is not well protected against frost. The engraving machine is a mechanical product. In winter, especially in some areas of China, the temperature is too low, and no anti-freezing measures have been taken on the engraving machine, resulting in damage to the engraving machine spindle of the horizontal machining center. .

Therefore, in our application of horizontal machining centers, it is very important to grasp the main points of the spindle maintenance of the horizontal machining centers, which can enable us to better apply the horizontal machining centers.