Maintenance And Maintenance Of Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting Machining Molds

Maintenance And Maintenance Of Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting Machining Molds

Maintenance And Maintenance Of Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting Machining MoldsMaintenance And Maintenance Of Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting Machining Molds

Die-casting mold is one of the three necessary factors in the production of aluminum alloy die-casting. The quality of the mold directly affects the life of the mold, the production efficiency and the quality of the product, which is related to the cost of die-casting. For the die-casting workshop, good maintenance and maintenance of the mold is a powerful guarantee for the smooth progress of normal production, which is conducive to the stability of product quality, greatly reduces intangible production costs, and improves production efficiency. According to the problems encountered in actual production, we discuss how to make the maintenance of the mold better.

Create a mold file and get ready

(1) That is to establish a complete set of use records for each set of molds when entering the factory. This is an important basis for ensuring future maintenance and maintenance. Each item must be meticulous and clear, including the daily production molds. Times included.
(2) As a mold management staff, after the mold is imported, the structural parts of each part of the mold must be recorded in the mold file in detail, and the vulnerable parts in the mold must be listed according to the needs, and the parts must be prepared in advance. Such as ejector pins, cores, etc. ~~ Set a minimum inventory of vulnerable spare parts, so as not to delay production due to insufficient preparation. Because there are so many lessons in the company, you can be prepared if you are prepared. If you delay production because you do n’t prepare spare parts, the cost to the die-casting company is very large. Time, manpower, electricity for the holding furnace (or liquefied gas), etc. are not small numbers. The main reason is to delay production. Delayed delivery loss will be even greater!
(3) When making a resume card for the mold, it is necessary to engrav a permanent mark on the mold itself, which is easy to distinguish. In this way, as long as people who are not stupid will not cause farce with the wrong mold.
(4) If the mold with the cylinder core puller is attached, it should be equipped with a quick-change joint as soon as possible, otherwise the waste of oil leaking from the cylinder each time the mold is disassembled and assembled is enough for you to pay several employees a month’s salary. You can also use the saved money to improve the food for employees. This also greatly shortens the time for the die-casting operator to load and unload the mold, and does a few things. Remember to buy some quick connectors with good quality, otherwise it will be counterproductive.
(5) Formulate mold management regulations in advance, systematically train employees, and implement them effectively.