Maintenance and maintenance of aluminum casing cnc processing machine tool

The production process of aluminum profiles mainly includes three processes of casting, extrusion and coloring. Among them, coloring mainly includes: oxidation, electrophoretic coating, fluorocarbon spraying, powder coating, wood grain transfer, etc. As people’s requirements for products continue to increase, more and more companies choose to use aluminum shell cnc processing technology in aluminum shell processing. For aluminum shell cnc processing equipment, regular maintenance needs to be done. What exactly does it include?

Aluminum shell CNC machining aluminum parts

1. Daily inspection

Its main projects include hydraulic systems, spindle lubrication systems, guide rail lubrication systems, cooling systems, and pneumatic systems. Daily inspection is based on the normal conditions of each system. For example, when performing the process inspection of the spindle lubrication system, the power lamp should be on and the hydraulic pump should be running normally. If the power lamp is not on, the spindle should be kept stopped and contact the mechanical engineer. Carry out repairs.

2. Weekly inspection

Its main items include machine tool parts and spindle lubrication system, which should be properly checked every week, especially the machine tool parts should be cleaned of iron debris and external debris.

3. Monthly inspection

Mainly check the power supply and air dryer. Under normal circumstances, the power supply voltage is rated at 180V-220V and the frequency is 50Hz. If there is any abnormality, it should be measured and adjusted. The air dryer should be disassembled once a month, and then cleaned and assembled.

4. Seasonal inspection

The quarterly inspection should mainly be carried out from three aspects: machine bed, hydraulic system and spindle lubrication system. For example, when checking the machine bed, it mainly depends on whether the machine tool accuracy and swiss machine tool level meet the requirements in the manual. If you have any questions, you should contact the mechanical engineer immediately. When checking the hydraulic system and the spindle lubrication system, if there is any problem, the new oil 6oL and 20L should be replaced and cleaned.

5. Half-year inspection

After half a year, the hydraulic system of the machine tool, the lubrication system of the main shaft and the X axis should be checked. If something goes wrong, a new oil should be replaced and then the cleaning work should be carried out. After being fully familiar with and mastering the knowledge of preventive maintenance, you must also have a deeper understanding and necessary grasp of the causes and treatment of abnormal phenomena in the hydraulic system.