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Maintenance method of high precision working machine

Maintenance method of high precision working machineMaintenance method of high precision working machine

Reducing the manpower and material resources of industrial processing, it can be said that the advent of small processing centers has indeed led the process of industrialization to a new step. And what do we need to take seriously when performing daily maintenance on such CNC milling machine machining centers? High-precision instruments also require high-precision review during maintenance. Each mitigation process must be well-understood. Any abnormality in the link may cause the car-making machine to fail to work or even collapse during normal production.

For the high-precision small CNC milling machine machining center to carry out a full range of maintenance, there are five points that must be important links.

1.Guide rail.

In the entire four-axis machining center, it can be said that the force of the guide rail is no less than any relief. If the guide rail has problems in normal work, it will directly affect whether the mold we need to process can smoothly enter the next link, so in During daily maintenance and maintenance, you must carefully observe whether there are too many signs of damage in the guide rail part of the machine, and often give lubrication treatment to the guide rail part, which allows us to avoid the loss of raw materials in the future construction process. It also increases the working life of the machine by 20%.

2.Heat dissipation.

The heat generated by the high-precision small CNC milling machine when it is working early is very large, so the heat dissipation function during the work process cannot be stagnated at all. In the heat dissipation part, we must pay extreme attention to the power supply and line part of the air blower. If the air blower can work normally, we must carefully check the line and power supply, and investigate whether there are some small pests such as mice inside the machine to damage the line power The system thus prevents the machine itself from dissipating heat properly.

3.Knife surface.

When working for a long time, there will be a big gap between the cutting surface of the machine itself, and the uneven surface will often appear uneven. If we find such a situation, the first thing we need to do is to carry out normal wear and maintenance of the blade. After some oil pressure is applied to the blade surface, it is necessary to consider whether to replace the blade cut. The blade surface is a very important process inside the machine. The cutting surface of the blade in the production of the mold is equal to the heart of the production process. The success of the mold we produce depends entirely on whether the blade can work normally.

Therefore, the high-precision work machine must be more careful in daily maintenance, so that no problem can occur in any link and it cannot continue safe production and processing.