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Maintenance of guide rail of CNC machining center

Steel plate, stainless steel plate machine tool guide shield protects the CNC machine tool guide

Steel telescopic guide guard is the traditional form of protection for machine tools. In this field, steel telescopic guide shields are widely used, which plays an effective role in preventing the entry of chips and other sharp objects. It can also effectively reduce cooling through certain structural measures and suitable scraping plates. Infiltration of liquid. The steel telescopic guide rail cover of our factory can meet the increasing requirements of modern machine tools for high technology, correct installation position, high running speed and so on.

Technical data

The steel telescopic guide guard is made of high-quality 2-3mm thick steel plate by cold press forming, and it can also be made of stainless steel according to requirements. Special surface polishing will make it appreciate additionally. We can provide the corresponding rail protection type (horizontal, vertical, inclined, horizontal) for all types of machine tools.
The structure of the protective cover we developed is different according to the running speed and the guide rail. We are equipped with polyurethane or brass sliders at operating speeds below 10m / min. We have rollers at medium speeds below 30m / min. In addition, a buffer system is needed between the driving board, scraper board and suction board. The purpose of the slider buffer system is to reduce collisions, noise and friction.
The number of sections of the steel telescopic guide guard is important for its proportion, weight and operating characteristics. Each single section should be as long as possible, this can reduce the number of sections and reduce costs. In general, the maximum stretching and minimum compression ratio should be between 3: 1 and 5: 1.