Maintenance of the noise in the spindle of the machining center

Failure phenomenon of the machining center: the spindle is noisy. When the spindle is not loaded, the load meter indicates more than 40 ‰.

Analysis and processing process: first check the spindle parameter settings, including the amplifier model, motor model and servo gain, etc. After confirming that it is correct, focus the inspection on the machine side. It is found that the spindle bearing is damaged. After the bearing is replaced, check the remote rotation of the spindle motor without the mechanical side.

It was found that the load meter indication was normal but there was still noise. Subsequently, the spindle parameter 00 is set to 1, that is, the spindle drive system is operated in open loop, and the noise disappears, indicating that the speed detection device PLG has a problem.

After inspection, it was found that the installation of the PLG was not correct, and the spindle motor was operated after adjusting the position, the noise disappeared, and the machine tool can work normally.