Maintenance Of Vertical Machining Center

Maintenance of vertical machining center of machining center

  • 1. When the vertical machining center fails, press the emergency stop button on the operation panel to stop the machine.
  • 2. When the vertical machining center is not working properly, please refer to the instruction manual in the manual to take correct measures.
  • 3. When two people work together, they must establish a relationship with each other so that they can notify each other before starting a new work step to protect personal safety.
  • 4. Many electrical components are installed on the vertical machining center. The installation location of these parts is susceptible to cutting fluid, oil and dust. The working environment is terrible. A large part of the failures of vertical machining centers are caused by these components. Due to the operation of most components, maintenance is relatively simple, and faults can be detected and repaired according to the user’s own strength. It is appropriate to replace damaged parts with selected components as needed.
  • 5. Before repairing or replacing components in the vertical machining center, the power must be turned off and the switch should be locked to the key position using a padlock.
  • 6. Instruments must be calibrated during the inspection.
  • 7. Regularly check the vertical machining center cable for damage or prevent leakage or electric shock.