Matters Needing Attention In Machining Center

The refueling of the machining center is generally controlled by the system and the oil pump without the system. Most oil channels now use pressure to stick to pressure components. Assuming that the oil passage of the pressure part is used, the oil pump can be used to observe the oil pump.

Oil pressure gauge, the oil pressure is added with the refueling time, the oil pressure should be controlled between 200-250. Assuming that too little is added, no oil will be produced in the tubing. Assuming that too much is added, the tubing will explode. The compact is quantitative. It is not decided by the time of oiling. After the oil pressure reaches the standard, the oil stops. The pressure piece of the machining center extrudes oil from the oil pipe to complete lubrication.

If it is not the time for the processing center to hold the pressure parts, it is generally about 15s and the distance is 30. Between -40 minutes, assuming the processing center is a hard track, the oil distance should be set to 20-30 minutes. Too little will burn out the solid appearance of the hard track.