Matters needing attention in the acceptance of CNC machining center

1. What is the acceptance of CNC machining center

The acceptance of the machine tool of the CNC machining center is a technically difficult task. An requires the staff to be skilled in using the CNC machine tool and familiar with the specifications of the machine tool accuracy inspection (generally using the national standard).

Accuracy testing and acceptance of machine tools in CNC machining centers usually use high-precision testing instruments to test the comprehensive performance and individual performance of each component and the entire machine of the CNC machine tool. If necessary, the machine tool must be tested for stiffness and thermal deformation. Comprehensive evaluation of machine tools. This type of acceptance work is usually applicable to the prototype of new machine tools and the acceptance of Guanjian imported equipment. It is usually expensive. For general CNC machine tool users, the acceptance work is relatively simple, usually according to the machine tool factory certificate The technical indicators and the actual detection methods can be used to partially or fully test their technical indicators.

2. Acceptance of geometric accuracy of CNC machine tool

The accuracy of the CNC machine tool is its static accuracy. It can comprehensively reflect the position error between the key parts of the machine tool and the shape error of the basic components after assembly. Before the geometric accuracy acceptance, the machine tool should be The heat is run empty for a period of time, when each component of the machine tool reaches thermal equilibrium, the content and square of the geometric accuracy test of the CNC machine tool are not similar to the ordinary machine tool, the difference is that the error requirements of the geometric accuracy are more strict.

The main items of geometric accuracy inspection of ordinary vertical machining center are: flatness of worktable, mutual perpendicularity of movement in each coordinate direction, parallelism of worktable when moving in X and Y coordinate directions, T-shaped groove of worktable when moving in X direction The parallelism of the side, the axial movement of the spindle, the radial circle runout of the spindle hole, the parallelism of the spindle axis when the spindle box moves in the Z coordinate direction, the straightness of the spindle box moving in the Z coordinate direction, etc.

It should be noted that the accuracy of the commonly used measuring tools, flat feet, square feet, 90 angles, inspection rods, various measuring instruments and optical instruments for CNC machine tool inspection must be one grade higher than the measured geometric accuracy. If it is a newly purchased measuring instrument or the measuring instrument has been used for a long time, it must be calibrated before it can be used, otherwise the measurement result is unreliable.

3.the CNC machining center machine tool geometric accuracy inspection matters needing attention

The standard of geometric accuracy inspection of vertical machining center can be carried out according to the standard of JB / T8771.2-1998, and can also be carried out according to the geometric accuracy inspection project of the machine tool leaving the factory. The inspection of the geometric accuracy of the machine tool of the CNC machining center must be completed at one time after the fine adjustment of the machine tool. It is not allowed to adjust one inspection item because some items of geometric accuracy are related to each other and affect the errors.