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Matters needing attention in the machining center

Precautions for the use of chip conveyor in the machining center

1. Before operation, wear tight protective clothing, fasten the cuffs, and the hem of the jacket should not be opened. Gloves are strictly prohibited. It is not allowed to wear, take off or change clothes around the moving machine, or wrap it around your body to prevent the machine from being injured. Hard hats must be worn, braids should be placed inside the caps, skirts and slippers are not allowed. Wear protective goggles: to prevent iron filings from splashing your eyes, and install baffles around the machine to isolate it from the operating area.

2. Before the workpiece is clamped, the clamp method should be worked out. When clamping the blank, the table should be cushioned to avoid damaging the table.

3. When the workbench is moving, check that the tightening screw should be opened. When the workbench is not moving, the tightening screw should be tightened.

4. When the tool is loaded and unloaded, the cone part of the milling cutter and the cone hole should be kept clean, and the clamping must be firm. Protective glasses must be worn when cutting at high speeds. It is not allowed to stack tools, parts, etc. on the workbench, pay attention to the distance between the tool and the workpiece to prevent collision accidents.