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Matters needing attention in troubleshooting of small machining center

Matters Needing Attention In Troubleshooting Of Small Machining CenterMatters Needing Attention In Troubleshooting Of Small Machining Center

With the needs of industrial development, China will also become a large CNC machining country, and the technical requirements for small machining centers are becoming higher and higher. For small machining centers, it is not as unfamiliar as in the early stages of imported processing. General manufacturers have the ability Provide some technical support, and so does our Silp CNC. In addition to the related troubleshooting methods for machining centers, CNC milling machines, and drilling machines that have been posted on the website, here are some points that we should pay attention to and how to solve them when we introduce the failures of CNC machining centers.

The positive and negative hardware limit alarm of the machining center will not occur under normal circumstances. It may appear before operating the machine before returning to zero. Because the system does not have a fixed mechanical coordinate system but is randomly positioned before returning to zero, and the software limit is invalid Therefore, it is necessary to return to zero before operating the machine tool. the reason:

  •    1. The contact of the travel switch is pressed and stuck / (over travel /).
  •    2. The stroke switch is damaged.
  •    3. Open circuit, short circuit and no signal source of the trip switch circuit.
  •    4.The limit stop cannot press the switch contact to the action position.
  •    5. The PLC input point is burnt out.

So if we encounter these problems in the process of using the machining center, how should we solve them?

  •    1. Manual or handwheel shake away from the safe position, or clean the switch contacts.
  •    2. Replace the travel switch.
  •    3. Check if there is a short circuit in the travel switch circuit, and re-process if there is a short circuit. Check the signal source / (+ 24V DC power supply /).
  •    4. Adjust the installation position of the travel switch so that it can be pressed onto the switch contact normally to the action position.
  • 5. Replace the input points on the I / O board and make parameter settings, and modify the PLC program.