Matters needing attention when processing with deep hole drilling machine

Pay attention to the following technical issues when using CNC deep hole drilling machines:

1. When using Global CNC deep hole drilling machine for drilling and reaming, the cooling lubricant is difficult to input into the cutting area without the use of special devices, which reduces the degree of cutting tools and makes chip removal difficult.

2. The grinding angle of the edge of the deep hole drill bit will also have an effect on the deflection of the processed hole. Pay attention to the symmetry of the cutting edge and the control of the feed rate.

3. The assembly accuracy of the guide sleeve of the CNC deep hole drilling machine has an important influence on the deflection of the hole and is also a sensitive factor. The coaxiality of the guide sleeve and the workpiece spindle and the spindle of the drill rod box is required. In the deep hole machining, the deflection of the hole is linear with the processing length. For example, if the length of the guide sleeve is 50 mm, if the offset between the axis of the guide sleeve and the axis of the workpiece spindle is 0.05 mm, the feed depth is 1000 mm. It may reach more than 1mm.

4. The tool of the CNC deep hole drilling machine should have good guidance when starting cutting. The guidance is generally close to the workpiece, and the cooling circuit and the chip removal window must be considered in the guidance.

5. Because the cooling fluid with large flow rate and high pressure is used in the processing, the cooling fluid should be strictly filtered to keep it clean and the fixture design should also have good sealing.

6. The arbor of the deep hole drilling machine is limited by the hole diameter. The small diameter and large length result in poor rigidity and low strength. It is easy to produce vibration, ripple and taper during cutting, which affects the straightness and surface roughness of the deep hole.

7. In the process of deep hole processing, we generally cannot directly observe the cutting situation of the tool. Our staff can only listen to the sound of cutting, watch the chips, touch the vibration and the temperature of the workpiece, and observe the instrument (oil pressure gauge) based on their work experience. And meter) to determine whether the cutting process is normal.

8. It is difficult to remove chips from deep-hole drilling. The method adopted is to break chips and control the length and shape of chips, so as to facilitate smooth removal and prevent chip clogging.

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