Method for improving the efficiency of CNC lathe

The CNC lathe uses a high-performance infinitely variable spindle and servo system. The mechanical transmission structure is greatly simplified and the transmission chain is shortened. The new structure of the vertical car with good rigidity and seismic resistance, such as the main shaft components of the dynamic and static pressure bearings, and the support members of the welded steel plate structure. Transmission elements with excellent efficiency, stiffness, precision and other aspects, such as ball screw pair, static pressure worm pair and plastic sliding guide, rolling guide, static pressure guide, etc. Multi-spindle, multi-tool holder structure and automatic clamping of tools and workpieces, automatic tool changer, automatic chip removal and automatic lubrication cooling device, etc., to improve working conditions and increase productivity. The use of cutting fluid can reduce the friction in the cutting process, reduce the cutting force and cutting temperature. Reasonable use of cutting fluid plays an important role in improving the service life of the tool, the surface quality of the workpiece and the machining accuracy.

The processing technology of CNC lathes is to train senior technical workers who master the practical CNC lathe operation and programming technology. The content is organized around the current widely used CNC lathe operations and programming. Only by learning and mastering this knowledge can the processing efficiency be improved. The main contents include:

  • 1. The basic knowledge that must be mastered in practical CNC turning technology, including the basic principles of CNC turning and the introduction of CNC lathes;
  • 2. The detailed steps, technical points and technological treatment of manual programming or automatic programming using CAD / CAM software;
  • 3. Commonly used CNC lathe machining operations, process treatment, etc .;
  • 4. NC programming examples and exercises. With some typical application examples as the background, it focuses on the basic ideas and key issues of CNC machine tool processing and NC programming, so that readers can grasp the main points of learning and quickly reach the level of independent complex CNC machining operations and programming.

The slider seat of CNC lathe is installed correctly, which can also effectively improve the efficiency. The steps are as follows:

  • 1. Place the worktable on the plane of the slider base, align it with the mounting screw holes, and then press it slowly;
  • 2. Tighten the pressing device on the side of the slider base on the reference side, so that the reference side of the slider base closely abuts the side base surface of the worktable;
  • 3. Tighten the screws on the reference side and non-reference side slider bases in a diagonal sequence.