Monitoring the working state of the lubrication system of CNC lathe

The design, debugging and maintenance of the CNC lathe lubrication system are very important for improving the lathe machining accuracy and prolonging the lathe service life. In the CNC lathe electrical control system, the lubrication control part has been improved and designed to monitor the working status of the lubrication system at all times to ensure that the mechanical components of the lathe are well lubricated, and can also automatically adjust the oil supply and circulation time according to the working status of the lathe To save lubricants.

CNC lathe lubrication system working status monitoring

In addition to the fuel consumption and the lack of oil in the tank, the lubrication system has insufficient oil supply. Common failures include failure of the oil pump, blockage of the oil supply line, abnormal operation of the diverter, and serious oil leakage. Therefore, the following detection device is provided in the lubrication system to monitor the working state of the lubrication pump, to avoid the machine tool working in the state of oil shortage, affecting the performance and service life of the CNC lathe.

  • 1. Overload detection Use an overload protection element in the power supply circuit of the lubrication pump, and use its thermal overload contact as the input signal of the PMC system. Once the lubrication pump becomes overloaded, the PMC system can detect and process it and stop the machine tool immediately run.
  • 2. The oil level detection lubricant is a consumable, so after the machine tool works for a period of time, the lubricant in the lubrication pump oil tank will gradually decrease. If the operator does not add in time, when the lubricating oil in the oil tank reaches the minimum oil level, the oil level detection switch will act immediately and send this signal to the PMC system for processing.
  • 3. The pressure testing machine adopts a progressive centralized lubrication system. As long as the system works normally, each lubrication point can guarantee to get the predetermined lubricant. Once the lubricating pump itself does not work properly or fails, or if there is a blockage or oil leakage in the oil supply circuit, the pressure in the system will appear abnormal. According to this feature, a pressure detection switch is installed at the outlet of the lubricating pump during design, and the switch signal is input to the PMC system. After each lubrication pump operation, the pressure in the system is checked. Once an abnormality is found, the CNC lathe is stopped immediately Generate an alarm signal.