Operation preparatory task of CNC lathe for inclined bed

The inclined bed CNC lathe is a two-axis linkage, semi-closed-loop CNC lathe. The main machine bed is formed by casting. The bed rail is inclined and has a relatively rigid structural design. Because the bed rail is inclined and has a large load The cross-section, therefore, has good rigidity and shock absorption, which can ensure high-precision cutting.

In addition, it also has a high efficiency and low noise design. The main drive system of the machine tool uses an AC servo motor and cooperates with a high efficiency parallel V-belt to directly drive the spindle. Prevents the musical score caused by the gearbox transmission chain. The front and rear ends of the spindle of the CNC lathe of the inclined bed adopt NSK fine high-speed spindle bearing set, and apply appropriate preload, combined with the best span support and box-type spindle box, so that the spindle has high rigidity and high-speed operation ability.

What should I do before the operation of the inclined lathe CNC lathe?

  • 1. After the geometric accuracy of the CNC lathe of the inclined bed is qualified, it is necessary to stop clearing the parts. Use cotton cloth or silk cloth impregnated with cleaning agent. Do not use cotton yarn or gauze. Clean the anti-rust oil or anti-rust paint applied to the maintenance of the guide rail surface and the processed surface when the CNC lathe of the inclined bed body is shipped from the factory. Clean the dust on the surface of the machine. Apply sliding oil to each sliding surface and working surface with machine tool rules.
  • 2. Carefully check whether each part of the CNC lathe on the inclined bed is filled with oil as required, and whether the cooling tank is filled with sufficient coolant. Can the oil smoothly installed in the hydraulic station and automatic room of the machine tool reach the regular part of the oil level indicator.
  • 3. Inspect whether the switches and components in the electrical control box are normal and whether the integrated circuit boards are in place.
  • 4. Start the power and concentrate on the smooth installation of Xuan, so that the smooth parts and the lubricating oil path are filled with lubricating oil. Make all the preparations before the various parts of the machine tool.