Pei machining will be introduced into the aircraft manufacturing industry

Pei machining will be introduced into the aircraft manufacturing industry

The fields are: the automobile and other (including aviation) transportation market accounts for about 50% of the consumption of machining pei resin, semiconductor manufacturing equipment accounts for 20%, compressor mechanical parts and other general mechanical parts products account for 30%, medical equipment and analytical instruments, and other The market accounts for 10%.

Pei plastic has gradually become an ideal material for new bracket technology, such as fixed hydraulic components, parts made of pei using aircraft parts, and fuel tanks, which save at least 40% on the weight of metal parts, thereby reducing fuel consumption, saving costs and more. Efficient production development capabilities. This reliable solution uses the advantages of injection-molded polymers, so that the development of this new stent technology will be introduced into the aircraft manufacturing industry.

In order to improve fuel efficiency, civil aviation aircraft manufacturers use composite materials, films and pipes in the next generation of design, and also widely use thermoplastic injection molding products, including lightweight structural parts made of Victrex pei materials. To meet the safety requirements of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FFA), qualified materials often must be obtained from aircraft cnc manufacturers, as well as their suppliers at all levels and / or military standards (such as pei’s MIL-P-46183). Certification.

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