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Problems that may occur in small-scale machining centers in some applications


Some of the application problems in the small and medium-sized machining center beds that are prone to failure. We know that many small machining centers, many small machining center problems caused by small machining center problems, caused some operations.

In the operation mode of CNC milling, the machine tool of the CNC system is faulty, that is, the manual mode, the memory operation mode, the MDI mode, and the method of returning to the reference point. If a failure occurs in the operation of the program in the small machining center, where is the failure in the program, and the serial numbers of the program and the program block are wrong. What is the content of the program that failed in the block, what command was the failure, and is there any motion failure in the axis. Neither the M or T code can be achieved. Whether it is the same, the same operation failure, repeatedly check the failure. Whether it is a failure in the data input.

When the feed axis or spindle fails. For faults related to the feed axis servo, it is necessary to analyze whether the fault is at low speed, high feed speed, or just a fault in the axis (disconnect the tested cable); the fault and the spindle should be related, when the fault analysis When something happens, CNC milling machine CNC voltage switch, when the speed, deceleration or normal operation).