Process organization of machining in machining center

Machining of machining centers is generally based on the fact that enterprises usually organize processing procedures according to the existing human resources and the number of machining center equipment. In the operation of the enterprise, there are a large number of personnel, and if the spare equipment is satisfied, the process can be organized more dispersedly, so that the processing content of each processing center is relatively simple, and the skill level of the operator can be reduced. Save the salary cost of the operator. If there is a shortage of manpower and spare equipment, the process organization can be concentrated, which reduces the use of equipment and processing area, and can also reduce the number of workpiece clamping in the machining center. Both methods have their own advantages. The machining process organization of the machining center should follow the following guidelines:

  • 1. Criteria first and second. Organize the primary surface processing of the processing center first, and then organize the non-essential surface processing. The amount of processing of non-essential appearances is relatively small, and there is azimuth accuracy required for the primary appearance, so it is generally placed after finishing or semi-finishing.
  • 2. The base-level first rule. The fine reference surface of the workpiece in the machining center should be organized in the initial process to provide a fine reference for the subsequent process.
  • 3. The criteria of first face first and second hole second. The plane is processed first, and the unnecessary appearances such as holes, keyways, etc. can be positioned in the plane, which can ensure the azimuth accuracy of the plane and the hole of the machining center.
  • 4. Rough and then precise. First organize the roughing of the machining center, then organize the semi-finishing, then organize the finishing, and finally organize the finishing.