Protective Cover For Machining Center And Spindle Performance Check

Machining center shield and spindle performance inspection

The machining center shield is used to maintain the machining center. He can maintain the appearance of the machining center from external corrosion. He has many kinds. There are: organ shield, steel shield, these two are used on the track. Screw shields are also used on the machining center screws: round, square and polygon. These methods are different. The machining center shield is suitable for wire support and stitching. There are also roller blinds and armor shields. There are a lot more.

Machining center spindle performance check

  • 1. Select low among the third and high speeds. The spindle of the machining center performs 5 forward and reverse rotations in succession, and then stops the operation and checks its simplicity and convenience. Also check whether the power display on the load table of the machining center meets the requirements.
  • 2. Data input can be manually input, so that the spindle of the machining center gradually increases from a low speed to a larger allowable speed. Check if the speed is normal. Generally, the allowable error cannot exceed 10%. When checking the spindle speed. Observe whether the noise, vibration and temperature of the spindle of the machining center are normal. After the spindle of the machining center runs at high speed for 2h, the temperature rises to 15 ℃.
  • 3. In order to check the simplicity and stability of the spindle movement of the machining center, the spindle can be stopped and operated more than 5 times continuously.