Reasons for the high import value of CNC lathe products in China

CNC lathes In recent years, Chinese machine tool companies have implemented reliability skills. The reliability level of domestic CNC lathes is steadily increasing, but the distance from similar products in developed countries is still significant. In order to change the current situation of China’s machine tool industry, through the implementation of serious special projects to promote the level of domestic advanced CNC lathes, to deal with the engineering puzzles or problems of CNC machine tool industry skills development, and to change the passive situation of the world market competition. Thinking about the moment elements and environmental factors of product application, only by earnestly studying high-tech experience at home and abroad, developing new products, and constantly improving skills in your own technical field can you win the applause of the world.

In the selection of CNC vertical lathes, there are also some cases where the lack of accessories selection causes the later production to be unsuitable. For general-purpose machine tools with a wide processing range and complex usage, such as machine tools for tool manufacturing, the selection of machine tool accessories should be as complete as possible.

The reliability of CNC lathe operation has two meanings. On the one hand, the user requires that the machine tool selected has as few failures as possible during the service life, on the other hand, the user requires the machine tool to run continuously and reliably. The reliability of the machine tool operation determines the overall quality of the machine tool.

Daily maintenance of CNC lathe light machine

  • 1. Clean and smooth the guide rails every day. Machine tools with an active smooth system should be checked on time, clean the active smooth system, check the oil amount, add smooth oil in time, and check whether the oil pump starts oil and stops on time.
  • 2. Observe whether the hydraulic pump of the machine tool hydraulic system has abnormal noise, whether the working oil level is appropriate, whether the pressure gauge indicates normal, and whether the pipeline and each joint are leaking.
  • 3. Check whether the operation of the active smooth system of the spindle box is normal every day, and replace the smooth oil of the spindle box on time.
  • 4. Check the cooling system, check the liquid level, add oil or water in time, and replace and clean when the oil or water is dirty.
  • 5. Check whether the cooling fan in the electrical cabinet is working properly, whether the air duct filter is blocked, and clean the dust.
  • 6. Check the tightness of the guide rails and adjust the gap.
  • 7. Look at the spindle drive belt and adjust the tightness.
  • 8. Check whether the guide rail and the machine tool protective cover are completely useful.

CNC lathe worktable is limited by its structure, so it can only check the rotation accuracy after the machine is fully assembled and after turning the worktable surface. When assembling the structure of the CNC lathe, the bearing can be installed and adjusted according to the bearing seat precision test sheet and the bearing ring test sheet. After the CNC lathe rotation part is assembled, the CNC lathe can detect the spindle rotation accuracy without installing a worktable.

Three advantages of CNC vertical lathe

  • First, with a high degree of flexibility.
  • Second, the machining accuracy is high.
  • Third, the processing quality is stable and reliable.