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Safe operation rules for special machine tools

Safe operation rules for special machine toolsSafe operation rules for special machine tools

The special processing machine tools that are widely used in production mainly include EDM forming machine tools and EDM wire cutting machine tools. Therefore, the safety operation regulations of these two special processing machine tools are mainly elaborated here.

    1. Safe operation regulations for EDM machine tools

  •  (1 /) Before starting the machine, please read the instruction manual of the machine tool carefully, and bed before you are familiar with the operation of the machine tool. In order to avoid safety accidents.
  •  (2 /) Check the discharge gap before processing, that is, a certain distance must be maintained between the auxiliary tool and the workpiece connected to different polarities to form a discharge gap. Generally 0.01-0.1mm. ,
  •  (3 /) The clamping and correction of the electrode with the electrode must ensure that the tool electrode feed processing direction is perpendicular to the table surface.Ensure that the voltage pulse waveform output by the pulse power supply added to the workpiece and tool electrode in the liquid medium is half
  • (4 /) There must be enough pulse discharge energy to ensure that the metal at the discharge site melts or vaporizes.
  • (5 /) Discharge must be carried out in a liquid medium with a certain insulation performance.
  • (6 /) During the operation, pay attention to check the filter element of the working fluid system filter. If there is a blockage, replace the working fluid in time to automatically maintain a certain degree of cleanliness.
  • (7 /) For Caichuan flammable working fluid, pay attention to fire prevention when using towels.
  • (8 /) Be civilized and strict. After processing operations in Cambodia, you must leave the clean work area and the system power off before leaving.

    2. Safe operating rules for wire EDM machine tools

Since EDM wire cutting is developed on the basis of EDM, it uses wire electrodes / (copper or copper wire, etc.) to cut the upper part by spark discharge. Therefore, EDM wire cutting The safe operating rules of the machine tool are roughly the same as the EDM plus the safe operating rules of the machine tool. In addition, pay attention to the following aspects during operation.

  • (1 /) When winding the wire, make sure that the electrode wire has a certain pretension, to reduce the pulling amplitude of the wire electrode during processing and improve the processing accuracy.
  •  (2 /) Check that the working fluid system towel is equipped with a decanted resin cartridge to ensure that the working fluid can maintain a certain resistivity in vain.
  • (3 /) During electrical discharge machining, it is necessary to fully surround the electrode wire with the working fluid to prevent wire breakage caused by the heat generated by the electrode wire when passing a large pulse current.
  •  (4 /) Strengthen the regular inspection of machine tools,
  • (5 /) To achieve a civilized production. After the processing operation is completed, the system power supply can be turned off before leaving. Mouth lubrication. The work site must be cleaned, the machine tool must be wiped clean, and the power supply must be turned off before leaving