Safety Matters Of Vertical Machining Center

The vertical machining center has a high technical content, so the operation procedures are complicated. During the operation, the operation procedures must be strictly followed to ensure the normal operation of the vertical machining center. In order to ensure the normal operation of the vertical machining center, what should we pay attention to when using the vertical machining center.

  • 1. After starting, check the switches, buttons and keys are normal and flexible, if the vertical machining center is abnormal.
  • 2. Never touch the rotating mechanical parts with gloves. It is best not to wear gloves to operate the switches and buttons on the panel. You cannot touch the switches and buttons on the operation panel with wet hands.
  • 3. Check whether the voltage, oil pressure and air pressure are normal. Manual lubrication requires manual lubrication.
  • 4. Perform daily maintenance every day. Check the transmission log before working. Before starting the vertical machining center, check whether the stabilized power supply is in the state of automatic voltage adjustment.
  •  5. When clamping the workpiece, pay attention to whether the pressure plate pin in the direction of the workpiece hinders the movement of the tool, check the white part and the abnormal size (if high point). When using a press to machine a workpiece, please pay attention to whether the tool will mill the jaws, etc.
  • 6. Correctly measure and calculate the coordinate system of the part, and verify and verify the results.
  • 7. You must verify that the tools in the program are consistent with the tools in the processing table to avoid wrong tools. Check the shape and dimensions of the front and rear axles to meet the requirements of the processing technology, and if you can hit the workpiece and fixture.
  • 8. For testing and single-stage test cutting, the quick override switch must be placed in a lower gear.