Selection of Motor for Transmission System of CNC Lathe on Inclined Bed

Slant bed CNC lathe drive system motor:

1. Issues for comprehensive consideration of the selection of CNC lathe motor for inclined bed

  • (1) Select the type of motor according to the load characteristics of the machine and the production process requirements for starting, braking, reversing and speed regulation of the motor.
  • (2) According to the requirements of load torque, speed change range and frequency of starting, consider the temperature rise limit of the motor, the starting torque of the overload capacity, select the motor power, and determine the cooling and ventilation method. The power of the selected motor should have a margin, and the load rate is generally 0.8 to 0.9.
  • (3) Consider the necessary protection measures according to the environmental conditions of the place of use, such as temperature, humidity, dust, rain, gas, corrosion and flammable and explosive gases, and select the structural type of the motor.
  • (4) According to the enterprise’s grid voltage standards and the requirements for power factors, determine the voltage level and type of the motor.
  • (5) According to the maximum speed of the production machinery and the requirements of the transition process of the electric drive speed control system, and the complexity of the mechanical deceleration mechanism, select the rated speed of the motor. In addition, factors such as energy saving, reliability, availability, price, and maintenance must also be considered.

2. The selection of the type and structure of the motor of the inclined lathe CNC lathe

Because different machine tools require different spindle output performance (rotation speed, output power, dynamic stiffness, vibration suppression, etc.), the spindle selection criteria are closely related to the actual use needs. In general, the choice of spindle drive system will find an ideal compromise between price and performance. The induction motor AC spindle drive system is the mainstream of the current commercial spindle drive system, and its power range is from a few kW to hundreds of kW, which is widely used in various CNC machine tools.

3. Selection of motor capacity of CNC lathe for inclined bed

Selecting the motor capacity is to reasonably determine the rated power of the motor. When deciding the power of the motor, the three factors of heating, overload capacity and starting capacity of the motor must be considered, but in general, the capacity of the motor is mainly determined by the operating heating conditions. Motor heating is related to its working conditions. However, for a motor that has a constant load or a small change and that continues to operate at room temperature (such as the motor in this topic), as long as the required output power does not exceed its rated power, it will not overheat during operation and the heat calculation may not be performed. .

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