Simple fault analysis of cnc machining center

Failure of the machine is inevitable, here we provide common problems and make related diagnosis reasons:
1. Emergency stop or overtravel:

  • 1. The emergency stop button is pressed;
  • 2. The spindle has over travel phenomenon;

2. The spindle retreat is uncertain:

  • 1. The limit switch of clamping knife and loose knife is “1” or “0”;
  • 2. Phenomenon of anaerobic pressure source;

3.Cutting fluid motor overload:

  • 1. Malfunction of cutting fluid motor;
  • 2. Cutting fluid overload electric release failure or contact wiring error;

4. Abnormal spindle:The inverter is faulty or the contact is wrong.

5. Abnormal tool life: The tool life expires.

6. Lubricant level is too low:Too little oil in the lubricant tank.

7. The controller battery is abnormal:The controller battery has no power.

8. Motor overload:

  • 1. ATC motor failure;
  • 2. ATC overload discharge failure or wrong wiring of contacts.

9. The working door opens: The working door is opened in automatic mode;

10. The ATC position is incorrect:

  • 1. The detector signal of the ATC tool changer arm is also “1” or “0”
  • 2. No air pressure source phenomenon.

11. The main axis is not at the second source point:The spindle tool change does not reach the tool change point;

12. Spindle overheating:Abnormal spindle cooler.

13. The spindle is not positioned:
1. The spindle is not at the positioning point when changing the tool.

14. The main axis is not at the first source point:The spindle is not at the first source point when taking the tool.

15. Must return to the source:An emergency stop action has been performed after starting up.

16. The main shaft cannot rotate:When the spindle is in the loose knife state, the spindle cannot rotate.