Summer Maintenance Method Of Vertical Machining Center

The vertical machining center is a highly automated multi-function CNC machine tool with a tool magazine and automatic tool changer. It is a machining center with the spindle axis set perpendicular to the worktable. Complex parts such as molds and small shells. In order to provide better service for the machining center, especially in summer, how should we prevent high temperature and moisture?

1. High-temperature protection of vertical machining center

In addition to the conventional cooling method, some special machine tools also need to be equipped with some special cooling equipment. At this time, some cooling schemes can be implemented. For example, air conditioning and electric fans are installed near the processing center, equipped with air coolers and chillers. Other machine tools equipped with refrigerators need to reset the temperature of the refrigerator to reach the processing specifications.
It is important to emphasize here that the cooling of the machine tool environment should be equally important. In practice, some machine tool manufacturers often think that cooling the machine alone can be done. This idea is wrong. In fact, the inconsistency of ambient temperature and machine tool temperature will cause serious harm. The internal temperature of the machine tool is low and the ambient temperature is high. Machine tools that are processed in working fluid, such as slow wire walking, are prone to a lot of condensate gas, causing parts to rust. In addition, condensed water mixed into the working fluid will also affect the processing results.

2.The vertical processing center moisture

The moisture resistance of the vertical machining center is divided into two steps, one is the moisture resistance outside the machine tool, and the other is the moisture resistance inside the machine tool.

  • 1. The first thing to prevent moisture on the outside of the machine is to create a large environment with reasonable humidity. In general, commonly used cooling schemes can achieve a certain dehumidification effect. However, if the humidity is still relatively high, other professional dehumidification equipment, such as a dehumidifier, is required. Workshop workers usually need to pay attention to locking doors and windows of warehouses and workshops, especially those closing south and southeast (upwind) to prevent moisture from entering the room.
  • 2. The main points of the machine’s internal moisture-proofing are inspection and maintenance. Including the replacement of fluids and oils (engine oil, cutting fluid, coolant, etc.); the inspection of power grids, connecting lines, circuit components, and the dust accumulation status of various systems and exhaust fans. In terms of maintenance, the machine tool is able to achieve moisture-proof intention through operation. For example, when the CNC lathe is not in use, the CNC system is often energized, and the machine tool is idly operated when it is locked. In the rainy season when the air humidity is high, the electricity is turned on every day, and the electrical components are used to heat themselves to drive off the moisture in the CNC cabinet to ensure the stability of the electronic components. In short, pay more attention to check the parts of the machine that are susceptible to humid air, and do the replacement and finishing work in advance.