Taiwan Cnc machining center brand ranking

Many friends want to buy a Taiwan machining center. The Taiwan machining center mentioned here refers to a machining center imported from Taiwan. The current market price of this type of machine tool is relatively high. But because the production technology and quality of Taiwan’s processing centers are also favored by many customers, but the quality of the processing centers of several major brands in Taiwan is indeed good. Many brands have global rankings, so I want to buy one imported from Taiwan. The center must first consider its own needs.

The prices of Taiwan’s machining center brands are different, but they are much higher than domestic machine tools, and some are even twice as expensive. However, the price of foreign machine tools is cheaper, so it is favored by many customers. Let’s introduce the current Taiwan Global ranking of machining center brands

According to data released by Gardner of the United States, the sales ranking of machine tool manufacturers in Taiwan:

  • 62 in the world (No. 1 in Taiwan)-Topper and Honor, the main brands of Dongtai Tong-Tai;
  • 64. Fortune, Victor (outside N. Amer), the main brands of Victor in Taichung,
  • 75. Yongjin YCM main brands Supermax, YCM, Yeong Chin;
  • 78. Hartford, the main brand of She Hong;
  • 89. Yawe Awea’s main brand Awea;
  • 95. Takisawa, the main brand of Taiwan Takisawa, Longze;
  • 98. Leadwell (the main brand Leadwell;
  • 99. Youjia Fair Friend’s main brand Feeler (excluding Hangzhou Youjia, otherwise it should be the first);
  • 102. Qiao Fu Roundtop (main brand Johnford;
  • 103. You Ji main brand of oil engine You Ji;
  • 110. Chevalier, the main brand of Fuyu Falcon;
  • 118. Jiande Kent’s main brand Kent;
  • 120. Main brands of Gaofeng Kao Fong;

The above are some good introductions of Taiwanese machining centers. Friends who need machining centers can also get in touch with us. PTJ CNC is also a Taiwan brand. At present, it is set up in the mainland to produce factories. The process is all based on Taiwanese technology. Call for advice. We will serve you wholeheartedly.