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Taiwan’s new generation system processing center installation and commissioning steps

1. Carry out the hardware wiring project.

  •  A. Please complete the hardware wiring project according to the circuit diagram.
  • B. After completing the hardware wiring project, first unplug the power cords of the controller, screen, X / Y / Z servo drive and spindle frequency converter at the power supply (to avoid burning the parts due to the wrong voltage)
  • C. After the power supply is measured, confirm that the input voltage of each part (controller, screen, driver …) is correct, and then connect the power cord to each part, so as not to burn the parts due to the wrong voltage.
  • D. After power on, the controller needs to automatically enter the system software screen, and the servo drive and spindle frequency converter need to display normal messages.

2. Install CNC core software and CNC parameters.

3. Set X / Y / Z servo drive parameters.

Switch the controller screen to the system diagnosis screen, move the XYZ three axes respectively, and observe that the system data 8/9/10 should be equal to 32/33/34.

4. Set the spindle frequency conversion parameters.

5. Confirm that the X / Y / Z servo motor is operating correctly.

  •  A. In the handwheel mode, switch the controller screen to the system diagnostic screen and perform the x / z servo motor action test.
  •  B. Controller system diagnosis screen (system data 40/42 should be equal to 24/26)
  •  C. Use a dial indicator to confirm that the controller screen shows a movement of 1mm and the bed does move by 1mm.

6. Confirm that the spindle motor is running correctly.

  •  A. Press the spindle forward / reverse button, the spindle motor must turn correctly.
  •  B. The spindle speed must be correct.

7. The X / Y / Z travel limit and the input connection of the remote signal input are confirmed to be correct.

8. The X / Y / Z homing operation needs to be correct.

9. Set the X / Y / Z software stroke limit and judge whether the grid search function is activated.

10. Backlash compensation and pitch compensation.

11. Make sure the spindle function is normal.

12.Test the operation panel functions such as spindle / cutting fluid / work lamp / blowing.

13. Action test around the island.

14. Network / rs232 function test.

15. Actual processing test.