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Talking about the components of the lathe in Dongguan lathe machining plant

Talking about the components of the lathe in Dongguan lathe machining plantTalking about the components of the lathe in Dongguan lathe machining plant

The Dongguan lathe machining plant stated that a lathe is a machine tool that mainly uses a turning tool to turn a rotating product workpiece. Drills, reamers, reamers, taps, dies and knurling tools can also be used on the lathe for relative titanium machining. So what are the components of a lathe? Let us understand together:

1. Headstock: Also known as the headstock, its main task is to pass the rotating motion from the main motor through a series of speed regulation organizations to make the spindle obtain the required different rotation speed ratios of the front and back. In addition, part of the driving force separated from the spindle box sends the movement to the feed box. The spindle in the spindle box is an important part of the lathe. The smoothness of the spindle running on the rolling bearing immediately endangers the titanium machining quality of the product workpiece. Once the rotation precision of the spindle decreases, the practical value of the machine tool will decrease.

2. Feed box: It is also called the tool feed box. The feed box is equipped with a feed motion speed control organization. Adjust the speed control organization to obtain the required cutting speed or tooth pitch. According to the smooth or lead screw The movement is transmitted to the tool holder for drilling.

3. Lead screw and smooth rod: used to connect the feed box and the slide box, and send the driving force of the feed box to the slide box, so that the slide box can move in a straight line at a constant vertical speed. The screw is professionally set for turning various external threads. When turning other surface layers of the product workpiece, only the screw is used up and the screw is not required. The students should integrate the contents of the slide box to distinguish the difference between the light screw and the lead screw.

4. Slide box: It is the control box for the feed movement of the lathe. It is equipped with an organization that converts the rotating motion of the light rod and the lead screw into the uniform linear motion of the tool post, and completes the vertical feed of the tool post according to the light bar transmission system. Movement, horizontal feed movement and rapid movement, according to the lead screw to push the tool holder to make vertical uniform speed linear movement, which is convenient for turning external threads.

5. Tool holder: There are double-layer skateboards (medium and small skateboards), bed saddle and tool holder body. It is used to install the lathe tool and push the lathe tool to move vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

6. Tailstock: Install on the slide rail of the bed and move it vertically along the slide rail to adjust its working part. The tailstock is mainly used for the top level after installation to support longer product workpieces, and can also be installed with drills, reamers, etc. for hole titanium machining.

7. Bed: It is a large and medium-sized basic component of a lathe with a high precision slide (mountain slide and friendship slide). It is used to support points and connect each component of the lathe, and ensure that each component has an accurate relative position during work.

8. Cooling equipment: The cooling equipment is mainly based on the cooling centrifugal water pump to charge the cutting oil in the water storage tank and spray it to the drilling area to reduce the drilling temperature, flush cutting, and moisturize the surface to improve the service life of the CNC blade and the product The surface quality of the workpiece.

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