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The Advantages Of Stamping Robots

The Advantages Of Stamping RobotsThe Advantages Of Stamping Robots

Truss manipulator is a control object often encountered in the field of industrial automatic control. Trussed manipulators can complete many tasks, such as moving objects, assembling, cutting, spraying, etc., and they are widely used.

So today I will introduce another kind of manipulator, stamping manipulator. In modern industry, the application of stamping robots in stamping automation production lines to realize processing automation has become a prominent theme. Many stamping companies’ modern processing workshops are equipped with stamping robots to improve production efficiency and complete difficult or dangerous tasks for workers.

Punching manipulator is an automatic equipment developed on the basis of automation equipment, which is specially developed to realize unmanned production of stamping automation. It can replace the manual punching, handling, loading and unloading of materials at each stamping station, and the entire production line efficiency reaches 5 seconds. Different from other equipments, stamping machines have different aspects, which are the industry standards of shaft and stroke, which make the efficiency become normal, which is much faster than the efficiency of other robots.

Common types of stamping automation manipulators: There are four types of pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and mechanical. Punching robots are mostly pneumatic or hydraulically driven. The basic principle is similar, but the cost may be different.

A pneumatic column coordinate manipulator for automatic loading of the press. The sheets are stacked in a storage cylinder, and are taken out piece by piece by a robot and sent to the hydraulic press. The stamping manipulator has three degrees of freedom, and the manipulator swings left and right in the horizontal plane. Specified lift. All three actions are driven by a cylinder.

Punching manipulators are welcomed by businesses and enterprises because of their many functional characteristics. In order to make everyone understand stamping manipulators, let us introduce the advantages of stamping manipulators:

  1. Advantages1.The operation is quite simple and the maintenance is easy;
  2. Advantage 2.Using a quick-release deck slide with suction arm, saving adjustment time.
  3. Advantage 3.The drive uses a precision cam and servo motor to control the system;
  4. Advantages 4.Help enterprises save labor and improve handling efficiency and increase production capacity;
  5. Advantage 5.Feeding speed is very fast, the movement is smooth and smooth during conveying, and the positioning accuracy is very high;
  6. Advantage 6, through mechanical operation, to ensure product quality standards, reduce damage rates, and improve safety;