The basic process and precautions of cnc vertical machining center machining program compilation

cnc machining center is a new type of machining equipment whose machining process is controlled by CNC numerical control system. Its processing form is completely different from the traditional model. The machining center no longer implements manual operations like before when machining workpieces. Under the control of the CNC system, it sends machining instructions in real time through the control device to guide the mechanical parts of the machine tool to automatically perform precise actions. Thereby, a series of high-precision and high-efficiency machining processes of the workpiece are realized, and finally the three-dimensional processing of complex curved surfaces and irregular contour surfaces is realized.
The vertical machining center is equipped with a tool magazine and an automatic tool changer. Under the control of the CNC control system, by executing the machining program of the workpiece, the three-axis or multi-axis simultaneous machining of the machine tool is controlled, and the automatic tool changer is controlled. . The device automatically grabs the tools stored in the tool magazine for automatic replacement according to the processing instructions issued by the control system, thereby realizing automatic transfer of the process. The biggest processing advantage of this type of processing is that the workpiece only needs to be clamped once to complete its composite centralized processing of milling, drilling, boring, reaming and tapping.
Vertical machining center CNC numerical control system machining programming
First, the basic process of vertical machining center processing programming
In simple terms, the preparation process of the machining program of the vertical machining center includes preparing the program and selecting the programming method. Let’s take a look specifically.

1. First of all, we must make preparations for programming

Before the preparation of the workpiece processing program of the vertical machining center, we must first have a deep understanding of the programming software and related equipment, master its operating skills, and analyze the drawings and process requirements of the workpiece in order to further clarify the processing content of the workpiece And related process and precision requirements, and then determine a reasonable processing program and choose the appropriate processing tools and fixtures, this step is the basis of the entire workpiece processing, if improperly disposed, may cause unexpected processing accuracy and processing efficiency of the later workpiece Impact.

2. Choose the right programming method

Vertical machining center programming is divided into two methods: direct programming and computer-aided programming. Direct programming is also called manual programming, which is to directly enter the program through the CNC panel of the machine tool. This programming method is more suitable for workpieces with simple processing procedures and short programs.
But a complete workpiece processing may involve tens of thousands of procedures, but this manual programming is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also has a very high error rate. We generally use the computer-aided programming method, which is often called automatic Programming, this programming method, is suitable for the whole process of complex workpieces. Since the processing program is automatically generated by the computer, this method not only saves time and effort but also has a very low error rate.
Vertical machining center machining programming

3. Processing program creation

When the above two processes are completed, the preparation of the machining program is quite simple. However, the programming of the vertical machining center should follow the principle of processing as much as possible with one tool, walking as little as possible or not.
Introduction of processing program composition
Second, the matters that should be paid attention to when programming the vertical machining center
In order to ensure the processing efficiency of the vertical machining center and the final machining accuracy of the workpiece, the following aspects should be paid attention to when programming the machining program.

  • 1. The programming process of roughing and finishing should be separated as much as possible. To improve the machining accuracy and production efficiency of the workpiece. The size of the programming is determined by the median value of the required size of the part, and the principle of overlapping points should be followed as much as possible.
  • 2. The use of the pause instruction should be reasonable. Its main function is to suspend the machining of the tool within a command time. It is more advantageous in ensuring the machining accuracy, grooving and drilling movement changes, but it cannot be overused. Will affect the processing efficiency of the vertical machining center.