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The Characteristics Of Pins And Guide Pins

The Characteristics Of Pins And Guide PinsThe Characteristics Of Pins And Guide Pins

One of the methods of knitting and drawing yarn is also called “pairing needle”. That is, the buckle on the ordinary side is buckled again in a relatively staggered manner. The first buckle is one stitch at a time, and the second buckle fits exactly in between. The buckled side line is wider than ordinary buckles, and is shaped like a braid. This method is commonly used when handling two-sided carved buckles. Fastness is strong, but it is more labor-intensive.

Plastic mold thimble can also be used in the mold, it can play a stable role, also known as inlay pin

The inlay is inserted into the mold kernel to play a role of exhaust or make the mold kernel better cnc machining.

Depending on the shape, the setting pins can be divided into flat pins, straight pins, step pins, etc.

Inserts are generally made of mold steel such as SKD61 or SKH51

Guide pins, English Guide rod or Guide pin-〖Mechanical Mould〗-[Mold term] The material of guide pins is generally bearing steel, hot work die steel, easy car iron, etc., and the use of bearing steel SUJ2 is relatively large. , So that the guide column in the guide performance of durability and replaceability is greatly enhanced. The guide pins and component form an outer guide pins component and an inner guide pins component, which have a beautiful metallic luster.

Guide pins heat treatment: HRC58-62; guide pins surface roughness: Ra0.8, Ra1.6

The guide pins is generally cylindrical with a shoulder, and there are generally oil grooves. The number of oil grooves increases with the length of the guide pins. The maximum number of oil grooves is generally eight.

Guide pillars are divided into: automotive mold guide pillars, independent guide pillars, mold frame guide pillars, and discharge plate guide pillars according to different places of use. According to different guidance directions, it is divided into: sliding guide pins (code SGP), rolling guide pins (code SRP). According to different installation methods, they are divided into: loading and unloading guide pinss and press-in guide pinss.