The composition of CNC lathe online detection system

There are two kinds of CNC lathe online detection systems, one is to directly call the basic macro program without computer assistance; the other is to develop the macro program library by itself, with the help of a computer-aided programming system, generate the inspection program at any time, and then transfer CNC system.

Online inspection system of CNC lathe is composed of software and hardware. The hardware part usually consists of the following parts:

(1) Machine tool body

The machine tool body is the basis for processing and testing. Its working parts are the parts that achieve the basic motion required. The accuracy of its transmission components directly affects the accuracy of processing and testing.

(2) CNC system

At present, CNC machine tools generally use CNC numerical control systems, the main features of which are input storage, CNC machining, interpolation operations, and various control functions of the machine tool are all realized by programs. The computer and other devices can be connected through an interface device. When the control object or function changes, only the software and interface need to be changed. The CNC system is generally composed of a central processing memory and input and output interfaces, and the central processor is composed of a memory, an arithmetic unit, a controller, and a bus.

(3) Servo system

Servo system is an important part of CNC machine tool, which is used to realize the servo control of feed position and spindle speed (or position) of CNC machine tool. The performance of the servo system is the main factor that determines the machining accuracy, measurement accuracy, surface quality and production efficiency of the machine tool.

(4) Measuring system

The measuring system consists of a touch trigger probe, a signal transmission system and a data acquisition system. It is a key part of the online inspection system of CNC machine tools and directly affects the accuracy of online inspection. Among them, the key component is the probe, which can be used to measure the size during the machining process, and automatically modify the processing program according to the measurement result to improve the machining accuracy, making the CNC machine tool both a processing equipment and a certain function of the measuring machine.

(5) Computer system

On-line inspection system uses the computer to collect and process measurement data, generate CNC program for inspection, simulate the inspection process and communicate with CNC machine tools. The online inspection system takes into account the currently popular software such as Windows and CAD / CAM / CAPP / CAM and VC ++, as well as reducing the analysis and calculation time of the measurement results, and generally uses a computer above Pentium level.