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The Development Of CNC System

The Development Of CNC SystemThe Development Of CNC System

In order to further improve the accuracy of the vertical machining center in metal cutting, in addition to ensuring the geometric accuracy and good structural characteristics of the CNC machine tool manufacturing, it can be achieved by reducing the error of the CNC system and adopting certain compensation technology. Precision position detection system and high-performance servo system. For example, the research and development of a high-performance numerical control system with a pulse equivalent of 0.1mm and an all-digital servo system.

Increasing productivity is one of the basic goals pursued in the development of CNC machining technology. Specifically, it is to increase the spindle speed. Since the 1990s, there have been successively (12000 ~ 50,000) r / min and even super high speed (more than 50000r / min)

The machine tool of the machining center appeared; increase the feed speed, now the rapid movement speed of each coordinate axis is (30 ~ 40) m / min, on heavy or large CNC machine tools, the high speed of the empty stroke can reach 40 m / min to 100 m / min; shorten the time of tool change and the time of table exchange. Through the improvement of the tool change mechanism, the tool change time was reduced from (5 to 10) s to (2 to 4) s, and even reached (0.5 to 1) s. And the table exchange time is also reduced from (12 ~ 20) s to (6 ~ 10) s, the fastest up to 2.5s, which reduces the auxiliary time to a minimum.