The difference between horizontal machining center and gantry machining center

The main axis of the horizontal machining center and the surface of the worktable are vertically designed machining centers. Generally, large-scale machines are processed. So, in actual production and application, what is the difference between it and the horizontal machining center

1.the design is different

The difference between the design of the two is that the main axis of the horizontal machining center is perpendicular to the designer of the work surface, and the main axis of the horizontal machining center is parallel to the designer of the work surface. The horizontal type is suitable for processing larger cabinets. Parts.

2. the working principle

Their working principle is that after the workpiece is clamped on the machining center once, the computer can select different tools, and the computer control changes the rotation speed of the spindle of the machine tool to sequentially complete the processing of multiple processes on different surfaces of the workpiece. The machining center can greatly It improves production efficiency, but it occupies a relatively large area and is bulky, and the automatic machine tool controlled by the computer programming control system has a relatively high operating cost.

The horizontal machining center is an automatic processing equipment developed on the basis of the CNC milling machine. The processing technology between the two is different, and the structure is basically similar.