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The difference between small machining centers and engraving machines

The Difference Between Small Machining Centers And Engraving MachinesThe Difference Between Small Machining Centers And Engraving Machines

Merchants should not be unfamiliar with small machining centers. At present, the status of small machining centers in industrial enterprises is steadily improving. The more and more merchants pay attention to the development of small machining centers. Small machining centers have gradually replaced engraving machines with their own advantages. Many businesses are very surprised that small machining centers have undergone rapid changes in a short period of time. Perform a comprehensive analysis.

Differences in technology content

The small-scale machining center and the engraving machine have very large differences in technological content. The small-scale machining center has a relatively high technological content. It uses the core of domestic processing technology. However, the technology of engraving machine is relatively simple and relatively backward. In the era of rapid development of high technology, engraving machine is destined to be replaced by small processing centers.

Processing volume and effect are different

The effect is very obvious when the machine is processed by a small machining center. Because of its relatively high technological content, the processed parts are more precise. But the engraving machine is different, the parts it produces are relatively rigid, and the outer surface of the parts also looks very rough. Small machining centers can process parts in large quantities, but the number of engraving machines is very limited, and the working efficiency is very low, which is very different from small machining centers.

Different service life

Due to the more skilled production technology, small-scale machining centers have a relatively high quality and long service life. But the engraving machine is different. The production technology of this machine has not been further improved. The produced machine will have a lot of disadvantages. The service life is much lower than that of a small machining center.

There is a gap in the range of processed parts

The processing range of the small machining center is relatively wide, and this type of parts can be precisely processed and the effect is very obvious. However, the engraving machine is different, and its processing range is relatively small. It can only process some metals with relatively low hardness, and it is not very good for some metal parts with higher hardness.

After adding the description, I believe everyone has a full understanding of the difference between small machining centers and engraving machines. The technically advanced will eventually replace the unskilled products. The high technological content of small processing centers has consolidated their position in the industrial industry. I believe that in the future, the technological content of small processing centers will be better and the market value will have a greater breakthrough.