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The export volume of China’s small processing centers has increased year by year

The export volume of China's small processing centers has increased year by yearThe export volume of China's small processing centers has increased year by year

In the international industrial economic market, small-scale processing centers produced in China have occupied a certain proportion of the market. The small machining centers produced in China are mainly combined with machine tools. Adding small machining centers to the machine tools can improve the performance of the machine tools and be recognized by more merchants. Driven by small-scale machining centers, China’s machine tool exports in the first quarter of this year actually reached 960 million US dollars, which is an increase of 8.52% compared with last year, and the import value fell by 15%. This set of data has made many people endlessly excited. With the continuous improvement of our system, our country pays more and more attention to small processing centers. With the joint efforts of scientific and technical personnel and sales personnel, China’s industrial export volume has changed dramatically. The change.

The impact of the growth of small processing center exports 

Global industries have shown a slump in the past two years, but in this environment, China’s industrial exports can still maintain a steady increase, which fully demonstrates that China’s industrial technology level has a significant improve. In particular, small-scale processing centers can not only maintain growth, but the growth trend is very obvious, which provides a strong guarantee for the further development of China’s industry. Global industries are gradually entering the perfection of science and technology. Under this pressure, China’s manufacturing of small processing centers can still firmly stand in the global industrial market, which makes the people more proud. China’s industrial development is full of confidence, there will be more people to choose the direction of industrial development, there will be more industrial talents in China.

It is expected that the export volume of China’s small processing centers will continue to increase

The ephemeral status of industry cannot explain the strength of a country’s industry. The development of small processing centers only for a period of time is not clear, nor can it prove that the country’s industrial level is high. If you want to gain a foothold in the global industrial market, you must be able to maintain the status quo. Although the export volume of machining centers has been increasing in recent years, China is not proud, and still vigorously grasps the technology of machining centers, and wants to design more valuable CNC machining centers in the future. Because of this idea, the export volume of CNC machining centers designed by China will increase steadily in the next few years, and small-scale machining centers will be added to more technological products.

The rapid development of vertical machining centers has driven the overall development of China’s industry.