The Gap Between The Domestic 850 Machining Center And The Taiwan 850

The price of the 850 machining center is 98% of the purchase, which is the main focus of the purchase. There is no uniform price for the vertical 850 machining center, the only price. The price of different configurations varies greatly. In order for you to buy the right equipment at the right price, I will tell you the price of the Taiwan 850 processing center and the domestic 850 processing center.

The quality and price of the 850 machining center are the materials of the accessories used and the engineering and technical personnel for assembly and commissioning. In terms of the above two aspects, the high-quality machine tools produced in Taiwan are at least ten years ahead in China. In contrast, Taiwan’s vertical 850 machining center is durable, reliable, stable and maintains accuracy. Can guarantee product quality and production efficiency. The reliability of the home 850 machining center is not high. In addition, there will be a whole machine. Protection and sealing, rough appearance, unsatisfactory overall shape, etc.

As far as overall market conditions are concerned, Taiwanese brands are more expensive than domestic brands for vertical 850 machining centers with the same configuration. However, some high-quality domestic brands are also developing rapidly, and their quality is not inferior to well-known brands in Taiwan.

The local distribution cluster of domestic 850 machining center manufacturers is more obvious, with four manufacturing center manufacturing bases formed in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong. As mentioned above, the price of the domestic 850 processing center is 850 Riga as an example. The price of medium and high-end brands is between 250,000 and 320,000, and the price of small and medium-sized brands is between 180,000 and 250,000.

If you want to compare the price or processing quality of 850 processing centers between regions, there is no comparability. Domestic 850 processing centers are also divided into medium and high brands. Each region also has well-known brands and the recommendations given here are, buy vertical In the 850 processing center, it is necessary to combine the procurement budget and processing requirements to select a brand with relatively affordable prices, good bed stability, and reliable after-sales service.