The Influence of the Spindle’s Running Speed in Horizontal Machining Center

Since the development of horizontal machining centers, the total output value is gradually increasing, and the domestic machine tool industry is also booming. Most of the machining center machines on the market are designed and the chip conveyor can be adjusted directly behind the production line, which is suitable for the arrangement of customized production lines, which is also one of the reasons customers love. The mechanical machine adopts a high-torque motor. The motor output can be fully expressed in the characteristics of the main shaft. The high-efficiency and high-precision indexing plate contains 8 oil circuit joints. One air pressure is tight to confirm the high utility.

The main axis of the horizontal machining center is a vertical machining center, the structure is a fixed column, the worktable is rectangular, and there is no indexing rotation function. It is suitable for processing discs, sleeves and plate parts. It has three linear motion coordinate axes and can be A rotary table that rotates along a horizontal axis is installed on the working table to process spiral parts. The tool change of the machine tool adopts pneumatic mode, which is fast and convenient. The machine tool adopts automatic lubrication method to ensure the good operation of each part of the machine tool.

The structure of the machine tool adopts the form of a cross carriage, and the layout is reasonable. The three-axis feed adopts precision ball screw and servo motor to connect and drive to improve the transmission accuracy. The machine tool’s X and Y axis guides use precision rolling linear guides with high feed sensitivity; the Z axis uses rectangular hardened cast iron-plastic slide guide pair, which has good vibration absorption; the machine tool control system uses AC servo system, FUNAC-Oi -Mate, Siemens 802D and other control systems are suitable for complex parts processing, especially complex mold processing.

The machine tool spindle adopts servo spindle motor; the spindle box has a counterweight device to ensure the smooth operation of the Z axis. We know that the spindle speed of horizontal machining centers is generally higher, but as the spindle speed continues to increase, especially when reaching a rapid speed, various random vibrations and the instability of the rotary axis also increase. When the spindle is exceeded.The fatigue resistance of the machine will eventually lead to an irreversible increase in the rotation error of the spindle, affecting the final machining accuracy of the machine tool. Therefore, the choice of spindle speed is very important.